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Tourist Class A

Smoking Room and Bar


First Class

Dining Saloon

Tourist Class

Dining Room

Tourist A

Drawing Room

Entrance Hall and Chief Purser's Office

First Class Hall and Stairway

Childrens Playroom

First Class Drawing-Room

First Class Smoking Room and Bar

Funchal first card published by Insulana in 1959 to announce the order to the Helsingor Shipyard

Original Insulana colours

"Funchal" leaving to Funchal harbour, off Ponta do Garajau (Photo Perestrellos)

Arriving at Funchal

At Lisbon

At River Tagus

Arriving to the harbour (photo Perestrellos)

Horta-Maiden voyage Nov. 1961 (Photo Jovial)

Arriving at Horta - Maiden voyage 1961 (Photo Jovial)

Horta - Azores (Photo Jovial)

Arriving at Madeira

First coloured postcard

At Funchal (Photo L.M.Correia)

Crossing the Atlantic

Ponta Delgada harbour with Funchal and Zim Lines "Israel"

Insulana passenger ships in Ponta Delgada: the flag ship Funchal and the coastal Liners "Ponta Delgada" and "Cedros"

With white hull

Oficial postcard issued by Insulana -1973

English Channel - 1973

Views from Madeira

Lisbon 6.2.1972 - End of line (photo Mike Taplin)

Tenerife - 1969 (Gracias a José Luis Torregrosa)

Praia da Barreirinha com o navio Funchal ao fundo no cais da Pontinha

Acrossing the English Channel 1973 (Skyphotos)

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Funchal arriving Plymount (photo A. Duncan)

CTM - Oficial colours

In the Norwegians Fjords

Leaving Lisbon May 1982 (Photo L.M.Correia)

Teneriffe - May 1984

Dark blue funnel - 1986

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Postcard from Risawoleska edition

Le Havre - Funchal

Funchal in English Channel

Funchal saindo do Porto de Buenos Aires em 2.3.1996 (foto Marco António Pedro)

Buenos Aires - Foto tirada do Eugénio Costa (P. Marco A. Pedro)

Funchal atracado em Buenos Aires em 1.3.1996 (Foto Marco A. Pedro)

Buenos Aires - Funchal no cais

Brazil - Port of Santos Eugénio Costa off with Ship Funchal in 25.2.1996 (P.Marco A.Pedro)

Funchal entering City of Santos-Brazil (1990)

Photo Marco António Pedro

Funchal in Santos (1997) Photo Marco António Pedro

Leaving Harwich, 15th May 1999 (photo Ian Boyle)

Departing from Lisbon (Photo L.M.Correia)

In fjords

Oficial Classic Cruise

Funchal in Santorini - August 1995 (Photo L.M.Correia)

At sea

Lisbon - With a old ferry (L.M.C.)

By night at Seville - April 1988 (Photo L.M. Correia)

Arriving at Plymount

Funchal at Harwich

Classic International Cruises

First pc with Classic Cruises (Photo L.M. Correia)

Fernando de Noronha Island/Brazil (Photo Nelson Barros)

In Funchal Bay (Photo Rui Sá)

Funchal in Moldefjord - July 1998 (courtesy Burkard Schüt)

In Norwegian waters

Ship Funchal in Santos harbour-Brazil

(Postcard and photo from Marco António Pedro)

Leaving at Lisbon

Funchal cruising off Gibraltar

Tenerife October 2004 (courtesy Fernando Dörner)

Tenerife October 2004 (Photo F. Dörner)

Tenerife October 2004 - Photo Fernando Dörner

Tenerife October (Photo courtesy F. Dörner)

Postcard of Funchal (

(Photo Egidio Ferrighi)

Visby 17.5.2005 (Photo Stefan Andresson)

Sidney - Australia

Funchal arriving at Lisbon in 10 September from Tanger

(Photo C.A.M.)

Funchal in 10 September 2006 (photo C.A.M.)

Funchal passing near the Tower of Bethlem (Phopto C.A.M.)

Funchal docked in Alcantara in 8 September 2006, arriving from Gibraltar (Photo C.A.M.)

Funchal in Rocha dry dock in 21 October 2006

Funchal in dry dock

21 October in Rocha

Panoramic of ship Funchal

Repair and paint in dry dock

Funchal funnel view

Le Havre - Funchal em 16 Agosto 1988 (D. Baccara)

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Funchal Documents

Ship Funchal - Bar List

playing cards

Medal of ship Funchal


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