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Insulana routes

Enchanted Islands map from the artist José Duarte

Oficial letters

newspaper advertisement

Sardines freight of ship Insulano in 1917

Florencio José Terra

Nautical Diary Steamer Insulano

Steamer Atlântico - Nautical Diary - 1875

Oficial catalogue of Insulana routes from 1933 (offer Mr. Jorge Rodrigues)

An Insulana card

Xmas card art with ships Funchal and Angra by José Duarte

Insulana Xmas card

Xmas card by maritime artist J. Duarte

Pin ship Funchal (offer Mr. António Campos)

Insulana Flag

Centenary medal of Insulana Shipping Cº. (offer Mr. Jorge Rodrigues)

Timetable 1971 (courtesy Mr. Bjorn Larsson)

Key-ring of ship Funchal

Plano de itinerários 1971

Porcelain egg-cup of ship Funchal (cortesy J.Rodrigues)

Itinerary 1970

Mediterranean Cruises 1972

Summer Island Cruises 1972

Insulana Itinerary from 1971

Enchante Island Programe

Insulana Cruises

Summer Cruises 1972


First Insulana matchbox

EIN matchbox logo

Presidencial voyage to Brazil in April 1972

Comemorative Centenary Vignete

Vignete from Insulana company

Comemorative Centenary medals

CTM flag colors

CTM Cruises ships Funchal and Infante D. Henrique

CTM Infante D. Henrique Silvester Cruise 1974

CTM advertisement

Pin of C.T.M. (offer Mr. António Campos)

Ash-tray of CTM (courtesy J.Rodrigues)

Key-ring and paper-knife of CTM


Florencio José Terra, born in Horta, Faial and was the first captain of the Atlantico and of the Neptuno. He died of a heart attack while in command of the Neptuno.  His son was Florencio Terra, the writer, ( ) who along with his father were instrumental in 
advocating for the building of a system of light houses in the Azores.
(Courtesy Mr. Luis Alvernaz)

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